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Wednesday, May 12

Test Drive

Well it is time for the test drive

Backing the EV out for its first test drive

This is the Battery box in the trunk with the lid removed.
The box holds 8 batteries at 82 lbs each. The frame is
welded to the chassis

Bill Melnychuk, Thanks for giving me a hand with the batteries and getting
the EV hooked up. I was nervous about the 144 volts DC as it is more dangerous than AC.
Bill showed me that there is nothing to be afraid of if you do things right.
Basically don't include yourself in the circuit

Rear battery pack

Quick disconnect, this is used when I need to do any work on the components.
It takes the main drive pack out of the equation.

Installing the component platform.
I used some plywood, which is light weight, painted with POR 15

Nearly there, just a few more things to add.

The main Pack fuse on top of the DC to DC charger.

Welding the bracket to hold the potentiometer
which is attached to the existing throttle cable

The battery racks under the hood.
The motor is covered for protection.
Starting to work out how the 4 front batteries and all the components will
fit into the space available

I used a cardboard mockup of a battery in order to size the
battery racks during welding.
Thanks for the tip Gav.

Fixing the motor to the chassis.
The cloth is covering the motor for obvious reasons

This is the fan assembly welded from a tin can which houses
a brushless fan and will be fixed to the lid of the rear battery box
for venting while charging.

The trunk, spare wheel well.
installing the conduit for the main traction pack.
Bringing power from the rear to the front.

The transmission all cleaned up and connected to the motor

I rented an engine hoist to install the motor

In she goes

The rear battery box

Buying the batteries