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Thursday, March 31


Excited to be going to the EV Conversion Convention in September.  Seems an age away.  The Keynote speaker will be Chris Paine who made the documentary "Who Killed The Electric Car"

My Lead Sled is not welcome and I don't think that I will have switched out he batteries by then.  However there will be at least 10 other conversions there plus Jack Richards cars.  It is going to be a great show.

Friday, March 11

All things take time and planning

In May I will have been on the road with this EV for a year.  I don't have a sense of how long the Lead Acid battery pack is going to last, so I am researching and planning for the inevitable change over to LiFeYPo4 batteries.  I follow Jack Rickard and Brian Noto on EVTV avidly, and they are fast becoming the EV gurus of the world.  Anyone who does a conversion at this stage is an early adopter.  We are not doing this to save money on gas alone.  There are many great reasons to do this. Geo political, Economic to list a few.  Wonder why our economy is in a shambles, just look at how much money we send out of the US for our oil.
  The great news is that with the lithium batteries electric cars are now viable.
I am about to experience the advantage of having done my own conversion.  The Batteries are more powerful now(power to weight ratio), and they will always get better.  By the time I am ready to switch my batteries I will be able to get 150 miles on a charge (and that is with the present technology).  The only time I would ever need that is to get to my country house on a weekend, which is 100 miles away.  You need to educate yourself on these batteries.  They are not what you think.  Go to EVTV.ME and look at the Dec 18th 2009 archive video.  The time is right for you to be an early adopter.  All you have to do is pick a car that you love to drive and watch all the videos on  That in itself will probably take you a couple of months.