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Tuesday, August 17

1040 EV miles today. Getting prepared to install the power steering. I managed to get the correct relay for the heater, so I now have heat ready for the winter.

The motor compartment

Thursday, August 12

This is a heavy duty extension cable from Home Depot
I am running 220 volts through it.
The EV will take both 110v or 220v so any outlet works
The charger has an Amps knob on it so you can dial in the draw on the
line if sharing with other things on that circuit

It's a thing of beauty. I am loving the EV. The fact that I can just unplug her and jump in a drive off to run an errand or drop one of the kids off at Gymnastics or go to the duka (shop in Swahili). I get back home park and plug her back in. It's that simple. It has taken the strain off the Suburban and I feel free from the constant visits to the gas station. The Suburban is used for what it was intended now which is to transport a large load from one place to another. Don't get me wrong I love my suburban. It is a real tough workhorse. The EV just feels so right for all the other stuff, and let me tell you there is a lot of it. The 30 mile range is perfectly adiquate for my needs at the moment, and as I tell everyone who asks me I am just waiting a bit longer for the battery technology to change and then I will be in there. I could have put the Lithium Iron batteries in for an extra $7K. and got over a 100 miles on a charge. I just didn't need that at this point.