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Friday, June 10

New batteries

180 Amp hour CALB LiFePo4

I plan to use at least 48 of these in the EV.  I should get a 100 mile max range and 80 mile range for extended battery life.  ie. 2000 charge cycles at max range and 3000 plus if I only use 80 miles max before charging again.  If you do the math these batteries should last between 200,000 and 240,000 miles if not more.
Lets do some more number crunching to compare a gas car to an EV.

Gas Car
How many gal of gas at $4/gal
240,000 miles @ 30 miles/gal= 8000 gals
8000 x $4= $32,000
How many oil changes @ 1 every 3000 miles
240,000/3000 = 80 oil changes
80 x $30 = $2,400
Total cost of gas and oil changes for 240,000 miles is $34,400

How many KwHr per charge
48 x 3.4volts x 180 Amp Hours = 29.376
29.376 kwh x $0.11/kwh =$3.23/charge cycle for 100 miles
240,000/100 x 3.23= $7,752 electricity for 240,000 miles
cost of replacing batteries after 240,000 miles $11,000
Total cost of batteries and electric to charge them for 240,000 miles is $18,752

So over the expected life of the battery the difference between the two drive trains is $15,648.
It only gets better as gas prices will only go up.
Not taken into account is the maintenance costs of an internal combustion engine (ICE).  Something that you will not have with an electric motor as it only has one moving part (expected life of electric motor 1 million miles).  You might have to change the brushes after 100,000 miles (a 15 min job).
You might put solar panels on your house and offset you electric bill so your kwh cost will go down.
Now you are driving on sunshine.  How good does that feel
Sure it is expensive to set it all up but it is cheaper than a new corvette or mercedes.