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Friday, December 10

The Journal News writes about the Electric Vehicle.

We made it into the paper last week.  Thank you Journal News for a great article.  The more people know that it can be done with any vehicle the better.  There is a lot of amazing work being done at the grassroots level.  You can basically learn everything you need to know from Jack Rickards videos online at  He will be the first to admit that they are long and in depth.  His research on the available batteries and everything else to do with EVs is very informative.  I personally can't wait to convert my Lead Acid batteries to Thundersky LiFePo4.  I would lose 400 lbs of weight and have a range of 100 miles.  It just makes sense.  I can still use my Lead Acid pack to store energy and to quick charge the EV in about 20 minutes.  Now that would be interesting to do.

But for now I have to finish my kitchen.  All I can do at the moment is dream.