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Monday, January 24

Back on the road

I have been back on the road for over a week now and last week the temperature ouside warmed to 38 deg F.  The batteries had more capacity, also the roads were in better shape, so I was able to use it more.
However the temperature this Monday morning was at 1 deg F, and the power steering pump was laboring because the oil must be thicker.  The batteries were not showing a full charge so I didn't want to take a chance and took Analisa to the train in the Suburban.   LiFePo4 batteries would not have this problem.

Wednesday, January 12

The Controller is back!

It was a very quick turn around and I got it back on Monday.  We were hit by another snow storm so I am glad that the EV is in Jim Gutzmann's garage.  Thanks Jim.  I hope to get it back on the road by the end of the week or early next week.
Jack Rickard's Friday show was great this last week.  Try to take a look at it at, it is a great show.  You get to see some of the bare bones of the Tesla.

Thursday, January 6

NetGain Controller recalled

I got an email from Ryan at EVSource to send the controller back for a fix.  So I managed to borrow a space in a friends garage to park the EV for a few days while this takes place.  I am burning gas like crazy in the Suburban again.  It was cold this morning when I drove Analisa to the train station.  I have grown accustomed to the almost instant heat in the EV.

The Controller is one of the big ticket items in the EV, at around $1,950.  This industry is in its infancy so there will be some modifications along the way which will take the EV off the road.

The Lead Acid batteries are struggling in the cold.  The range has dropped dramatically, another reason to switch to LiFePo4 batteries.