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Friday, December 16

I have started the upgrade

Yes! Finally.

The space is cleared out and the table saw disassembled and the EV is in.   I am privileged to have Jack and Brian of EVTV, let me show the progress on their internet TV show.
My EV's spot is about 15 mins into the Dec 9th 2011 show.

The hard part for me is the fact that I am now driving the kids around in the Suburban again.


  1. Hello.

    Very interesting rework you are doing. I went through the same trunk cutting process you are doing. Try to set the batteries a little higher than the rest of the car because the U shaped driveways will make the box in the back hot the ground. I went 11 inches below the trunk level and covered all the batteries with black PVC sheet surrounding the metal

    If you want to see my trunk cutting result, go to youtube and search for "Nissan Sentra Electric Car Conversion Part 22" minute 6:30 and then all part 23 and then 24 at the end. There is an English and a Spanish version of every video. Make sure you see the English.
    If you are interested, I can send you a picture of the final box from below

  2. thanks for the heads up and I would love to see a picture of your final box

  3. Here is a picture of the finished back (I installed a cover with trunk carpet after):